San Fernando Valley Family Law Attorneys

Kraft, Miles & Miller, LLP, formerly the Law Offices of Marcia L. Kraft, has served the legal needs of families and individuals in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, and Ventura Counties since 1990. For over 25 years, our full-service law firm has been dedicated to providing clients with peace of mind through effective representation. The principal commitment of our talented and hardworking legal team is to provide our clients with superior service and even better results. At Kraft, Miles & Miller, LLP, we handle every individual matter with the utmost of professionalism and integrity.

Family Law Attorneys

Family law involves the making and breaking of domestic ties. It touches upon the most personal matters and the most sensitive topics; it features intricate legal problems and highly emotional decisions. The Family Law Offices of Kraft, Miles & Miller, LLP provide compassionate and sophisticated advice, assistance, and legal representation to clients who are facing a family-related legal issue. Our experienced San Fernando Valley Family Law Attorneys handle all aspects of family law, including marriage, relationship planning, and adoption.

Divorce Attorneys

Divorce can be an emotionally painful experience for everyone involved. Divorce procedures in California also involve complex legal, personal, financial, and business matters. The San Fernando Valley Family Law Attorneys at Kraft, Miles & Miller, LLP bring experience and expertise to the table. Through consultation, mediation, and advocacy, we help spouses understand and resolve the legal questions surrounding their divorce.

Child Custody Attorneys

Custody decisions and visitation rights are among the most contentious legal issues in American society. Most parents want to do what is right for their children. Unfortunately, they frequently disagree on what that means. Many divorcing couples can reach a decision amicably, but sometimes they require expert legal advice. In some cases, a court order is required. Our attorneys specialize in helping clients navigate the child custody process so they can arrive at an acceptable resolution.

Attorneys for Child Support

For single parents with sole custody, collecting child support can be a challenge. Parents without custody may also need help understanding and complying with child support laws. The family law attorneys at Kraft, Miles & Miller, LLP can offer expert advice and advocacy to parents on either side of a child support case.

Wills & Trusts Attorneys

A will and trust attorney can help clients understand, draft, or contest a will or trust. The law firm of Kraft, Miles & Miller, LLP has the experience and knowledge to advise clients on their legal options and the tax implications of their decisions.

Personal Injury Attorneys

When someone is injured due to the negligence or wrongful actions of another person or entity, they have the right to sue. They have a right to compensation. The lawyers at Kraft, Miles & Miller, LLP frequently handle personal injury lawsuit cases, including work accident, auto accident, and motorcycle personal injury cases. Our attorneys are able to investigate claims, negotiate on behalf of victims and litigate cases in court.

General Law Practice

We practice in all aspects of Family Law, including Divorce and Child Custody, Asset Division, Mediation, Adoptions, Guardianships, Estate Planning, and the preparation of Wills and Trusts. We also have expert attorneys specializing in DUI and traffic violations, Employment Law, Personal Injury, and Bankruptcy. SE HABLA ESPAÑOL.

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